Pastoral Reference

Pastoral Reference Form

Pastoral Reference

The above named is a candidate for membership in the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants, a non-profit professional association. You have been asked to provide a character reference by completing this form or by writing a letter using your own words. We appreciate you taking this time to help us better assess this candidate. This information will be retained on file but not distributed.

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Reference Letter

I am pleased to recommend the above named candidate for membership in The National Association of Christian Financial Consultants (NACFC). I understand that the mission of the NACFC is “To provide fellowship and educational resources for Christian professional financial consultants seeking to integrate Biblical-based principles within their financial consulting practices”. I feel that he/she would greatly benefit from participating in the NACFC and the programs you offer. He/she has been a member in good standing of our church and I can attest to his/her strong moral character. His/her “walk” and “talk” reflect true Christian behavior.
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