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For over twenty-five years Robb has helped established individuals, families and business owners locally and nationally to gain greater clarity regarding their big picture financial and wealth management goals. Robb’s customized approach to financial consulting is the hallmark of his belief that every client’s desired success and peace of mind are unique and should be treated as such.

His newest venture, Wisdom, Wealth & Wine helps families delve deeper into generational preparedness, values, family communication and “passing the message along with the money”.

Robb was an early investor in the movie, “The Ultimate Gift”, a tool for clients and their families to catalogue and preserve their history. As a result, Robb and his talented team have developed The Ultimate Discovery ExperienceTM for clients to facilitate the preservation of their intellectual and emotional capital by capturing, documenting, and sharing their core values and passions more effectively for the benefit of not only this generation but the many that will follow. Bridgeview defines wealth in terms of intellectual and human wealth, with the subsequent outcome being financial wealth and well-being. As a result, Bridgeview’s approach can best be described as a unique blend of financial and life planning, coupled with direct estate coaching. With a proprietary Discovery Profile, developed as part of the process, Robb can help you and your family to uncover the “Place of Most Potential”-defined as the point at which the family’s potential can be maximized.

Robb has both contributed to and has been a benefactor of the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence at the University of Pittsburgh, Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business. He has been a featured writer for the organization’s newsletter, a business owner sponsor and participant and a 2010 graduate of the program. This collaboration has provided him a unique consultive posture with members in and out of business and the distinctive dynamics they experience. Robb was featured in the book, “Success Stories of Pittsburgh: Personal Accounts of Faith and Perseverance.”

He is also an active member of The Purposeful Planning Institute where he formed a collaborative of their Christian members.

Robb recognizes how hard clients have worked to arrive at their present financial position. He also understands that every client wants to not only protect their present “lifestyle plan”, but also to leverage their success for future generations. The partnership Bridgeview forms with clients yields dynamic results in understanding core objectives so each client and their family can continue to affect their life values and vision in a positive and progressive manner. Robb takes very special care to focus on each client’s history, goals, and passions.


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