Paul Hatfield, CFCA, EXEC DIR:

Paul Hatfield, CFCA, EXEC DIR:
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What is Biblical-Moral Responsible Investing or BRI?
This is the effort of using a “Moral Screen” to screen out any company that either supports or gains from immoral activity. Are you concerned about the moral decline In our culture? Would you allow yourself to be involved in such items? You may be funding them with your invested portfolio.
You may own stock in a fund or company that supports or gains from exactly what you stand against and/or teach others against because it is immoral. If they knew, what would your family, friends, or followers say?
If your current advisor has not made moral or faith-based investing a priority with you one may ask “Why not?”. Romans chapters 13-14, I Timothy 5:22
For this purpose we provide a FREE “Moral Audit”. We would like to help you make sure your holdings mirror your heart felt convictions. Call us today to arrange for a moral review at NO COST.

As a “PK”(preacher’s kid) Paul grew up in the family of a Christian home. He is very thankful for Godly parents. Paul would assure you of his own personal Salvation from Jesus Christ. Ephesians 2:8-9.

Paul’s desire is to take the wisdom that God has given to him (Ex.35:31) and help others draw nigh unto Him in every aspect of their lives, but certainly their finances too. It is to this end that Paul would desire to serve his clients helping them with a biblical financial road map. If your current advisor has not made moral investing a priority with you one may ask “Why not?”.

While recognizing that not every client will have the same objective, This speaks of commitment and a standard of service. He intends to strive to help each client achieve their own needs and objectives.

Paul truly wants to be a Christian financial representative and not just a financial representative that happens to be Christian. Stewardship involves so much more than just spending money with some discretion then giving a little to the local ministry. One must first recognize who it really belongs to and where it came from.

After traveling for many years while in management and being subject to the corporate roller coaster of mergers and acquisitions, Paul decided to establish his own practice as an independent financial representative. Having this latitude has allowed Paul to offer a full array of services while keeping Christ in his business.

Since 1979 it has been a privilege of serving many clients and teaching in various forums. It would be our desire to help you today. Please give us a call or email us today to get started. You’ll be glad you did and we will too!!

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