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Marita LaChapell
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Marita has a life purpose of empowering individuals and business owners to improve wealth creation and inspire them to use it for the benefit of the world around us. We empower by providing our clients an economic model that helps them make decisions based on strategies and processes that are verifiable and structurally sound. Sometimes we just need help aligning our impact with our intention. Financial planning is about more than managing investment risk. Done properly, it is about aligning one’s financial behavior with the deeper beliefs and goals that make life significant. Our highest aspiration is to serve our clients in a manner that honors God. Marita brings together a dynamic skill set combining financial and accounting expertise. She began her career as a CPA, eventually becoming partner of DeYoung & Associates. She joined a manufacturing client as CFO and then went to Thrivent Financial where she served at a corporate level, Partner in the field and as a Financial Advisor. Marita is a CPA, PFS (Personal Financial Specialist), Certified Long Term Care Specialist and a Certified Kingdom Advisor.

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