Gary W. Wood, CFP®

Gary W. Wood, CFP®
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Gary W. Wood, CFP®
President, BDC Capital Management, INC.

BDC Capital Management, INC.     A Fee-Only Investment Firm.

At BDC Capital Management, we are careful about what your investment dollars are supporting.   We do not invest in any company with ethically questionable products, services, or activities.  In this way, your portfolio reflects Biblical values.
BDC Capital Management is committed to excellence in Biblically-Responsible Investing. Our research protects the moral integrity of your investments by identifying those companies whose behavior is in conflict with your deeply-held beliefs so that you can avoid being co-owners in these companies.
We believe that Biblically-Responsible Investing should never mean sacrificing performance. We work diligently to provide tactical risk management to support your financial goals. Our Tactical Portfolio Management measures basic supply and demand relationships between stocks, bonds, and cash so that we can be responsive to both bullish and bearish periods for the market.
We offer you the opportunity to pursue your goals while also allowing your investment portfolio to reflect your values – the same values that built and sustained America as a great nation.

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