Dan Celia

Paul Lovelace
May 19, 2017
Peter Heck
May 19, 2017
Dan Celia
Dan has worked for 35 years as an entrepreneur and businessman, starting eight corporations and co‐founder of two others. In 1999 Dan sold his Small Trust Company (managing over 900 million dollars) to go into Ministry. Dan has developed and uses a biblically‐responsible system of financial management with great success. He started a radio ministry in 1997 as a part time ministry and has seen the Lord expand and bless this ministry to his current full‐time ministry. Dan has interviewed newsmakers and pundits like Steve Forbes, Ben Stein, T. Boone Pickens, Tony Perkins, John Alison, Rayola Dougher API, Congressmen, Senators and Presidential candidates.

Dan is now on over 600 stations, NRB TV, BizTV, Dove TV and CBN Life Style Network. Financial Issues is heard in every state in America and throughout the internet globally. Financial Issues has supporters from over 17 countries. Dan is a Regular Weekly Contributor to LifeZette www.LifeZette.com (a source for conservative news and analyzation) www.Townhall.com, www.CNS.com . Dan can also be seen regularly on Fox Business. He is a conference speaker, author of six books, and publishes a weekly newsletter.

“My greatest blessings worth talking about have been: Coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as a result of Charles Stanley’s Ministry, My Marriage, Children, Grandchildren, receiving my Masters Degree in Theology, being Ordained in 2001, and my service in the military from 1971 to 1977. Beyond that, the rest is insignificant.”


  1. Terri Gloe says:

    I need a Christian financial expert to handle my trust land and money whe my parents die. trust account. Does DN Celia have a network that does the type of thing. I would like that person in the will to handle my nterests.

  2. Terri Gloe says:

    I got address wrong in previous post

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