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Welcome to the NACFC, where members are encouraged to live the principles of their faith and challenged to grow in Biblical wisdom and to have a stronger deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. The NACFC is not an association where you simply receive a logo that you can use on your email, but an association dedicated to helping you realize God’s potential for you and your practice.

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CFCA Designation

Your clients live in a real world where finance is an essential part of life. The CFCA designation will educate and equip you to care and serve your client with real world financial guidance anchored in biblical wisdom,

Your CFCA designation positions you as the expert in Biblical Finance helping your practice grow with people who desire to honor God in all they do, including their finance.

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Marketing, Promoting, and Referral program

Successful advisors understand the importance of promoting and marketing their business. The NACFC invests in your success by promoting you and your practice through the NACFC broadcast network, website, social media, and newsletter. These public facing resources help you reach people that are interested in the products and services you offer. Enhancing your brand awareness and increasing your credibility in the Christian community to help you stand out to potential clients.

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Special Member benefits for Christian Advisor

In addition to training and marketing, NACFC member enjoy special access to mentoring and coaching webinars, prayer, annual conference, membership certificate and logo usage, discounts on BRI services, product reviews and much more.  Your benefits enable you to stay informed, updated and on the cutting edge. This membership advantage makes it easier for you to grow your practice by staying relevant and impactful to your clients and those who are seeking Biblical responsible financial advice.

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Here’s what NACFC members have to say:

 blessed to have participated in the conference. So grateful for God’s leading and wisdom. I prayerfully request that God equip me that I will be able to lead my family, my friends, and my business clients to Christ.

Sophia Jones

There is a renewed passion to encourage fellow advisers to challenge their clients to think and act Biblically.

Harold Green

I want to encourage everyone that is or will be involved in the NACFC. You will see such a wonderful organization that is focused on God’s Word and work.

Grant Harvey

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