• The Beginning - 1997

    In a press release, Arthur Ally, President of the Timothy Plan, announced the formation of The National Association of Christian Financial Consultants, a group of financial service professionals associated through a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, committed to managing their companies and practices with Biblical Business Principles. Mr. Ally served as the organizations first President, while Mark Minnella, Dudley Barnes, Dean Whitman, Tom Fyler and Ann Burbank were original trustees.
  • The Desire - 1999

    The desire to fellowship more directly and personally led to the first NACFC Annual Conference. Over the years, God has sent many individuals to help teach, equip, motivate and inspire the NACFC membership at these conferences. Speakers like; Mathew Staver, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Rev. Jonathan Falwell, Ken Ham, Ron Blue, Ken Boa, Alan Ross, Michael Pink, Patrice Tsague, Dr. Scott Preissler and many more.
  • The Growth - 2005

    Responding to our members desire to grow their businesses and practices Gods way the Association created the Christian Financial Consultant and Advisor (CFCA®) certification training program in 2005. Major contributors to the program are Alan Ross, Dan Hardt, Michael Pink, and Mark Minnella. God has used this program to transform many financial service practices into highly successful and profitable marketplace ministries in the financial services industry. Many financial service professional enter this program wanting to integrate their faith into their practice. They leave having integrated their lives into God’s practice.